Xuan Truong, Graduate Student

“Light rail has been a game changer for me. It allows me easy access to the University’s main campus and Center City Building for my studies while providing the perfect option to explore South End when I want to go to dinner with friends. As a Charlottean, the light rail has become an essential part of my life.”

Mitch Daratony ’17

“I love the light rail! I live in NoDa and ride it uptown daily to work. It’s become the best way for me to stay connected with the University, especially for Charlotte 49er football games. It’s so easy to get to campus without worrying about parking or traffic, and it’s a super safe and responsible way to enjoy tailgating!”

Karen Weatherington, Charlotte 49ers Volleyball Coach

“The light rail has been an extremely convenient option when my husband and I carpool for work. He’s able to drop me off at the Woodlawn Station near his office in SouthPark and I can easily get to UNC Charlotte. It’s a fun adventure to ride a packed train to uptown and continue the scenic ride to campus. I’m a big fan!”

Natalie Huie ’14, Staff Member Center City

“As an alum and University employee, I enjoy being able to ride the light rail from my office in UNC Charlotte Center City to main campus for meetings and events. It provides a great option for 49er alums to come back to campus for sporting events and alumni occasions.”

Things You Need to Know

CATS all-access transit passes are now available for purchase through MyPark.

  • Permanent Faculty and Staff: You may make your purchase via payroll deduction or credit card through your MyPark account, the same system through which you may have purchased your parking permit. Purchases made via payroll deduction will be post-tax.
  • Temporary Employees: You may make your purchase by credit card through MyPark or by visiting the PaTS office to enroll in payroll deduction. Please note: Purchases made via payroll deduct will be post-tax and can only take place in the PaTS office. A form from Human Resources stating your work assignment will be required for payroll deduction.
  • Faculty Emeriti: You may make your purchase online through MyPark or by visiting the PaTS office.
  • Distance-Learning Students: You may make your purchase by credit card through MyPark or by visiting the PaTS office. If you are unsure if you have paid the Miscellaneous Transportation Service Charge, please check your most recent tuition and fees statement via Banner Self Service
  • Business Affiliates/Campus Partners (not including CRI Business Partners): You may purchase by credit card through MyPark or by visiting the PaTS office. 
  • Millennial Campus Business Partners: Please contact Ali Mateen at 704-687-7993 or amateen@uncc.edu to obtain a pass.