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Light Rail Directions

Three light rail stations service UNC Charlotte: on main campus, the J.W. Clay/UNC Charlotte Station and the UNC Charlotte Main Station (across from Wallis and Miltimore Halls along Cameron Boulevard). The 9th Street Station serves the Dubois Center at UNC Charlotte Center City, which is just a couple minutes walk from the station.

For football games and events in the Charlotte Research Institute, exit the train at the J.W. Clay/UNC Charlotte Station. Signage will direct you to campus, where you can catch a Niner Transit bus if needed.

For basketball games and other events in the core of main campus, like International Festival or theater performances, use the UNC Charlotte Main Station. You can catch a Niner Transit bus at this station that will deliver you to stops across campus.  Visit NextRide for real-time bus tracking.

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Light Rail officially arrived on campus March 16, 2018.
Light Rail is open now!
The LYNX Blue Line is accessible and easy to use - just show and go with your ID card!
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LYNX Light Rail Connects UNC Charlotte More Than Ever
The 9.6 mile Lynx Blue Line has exceeded expectations in both ridership and real estate development
The CATS Blue Line Extension will usher in a whole new world of connectivity for the University area and the rest of the city
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